Outstanding comedic timing with strong improvisation work and also trained in drama & Shakespeare.

Stunt Performer

Experienced with high falls, fight choreography, weapon handling, water work, wire work and acrobatics.

Tae Kwon Do, Trampoline, Rally, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing & Scuba


Strong dancer across the board. Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, commercial and partner work.

christopher .A. painter

Highly skilled, all round performer specialising in body hits and precision driving. Whether it's a live production, film or television, you'll always get the best quality of work and be very happy with the end product.

Hey guys, my name is Christopher Painter. I’m a 24 year old British all round performer who started training in Tae Kwon Do from 12. I took to Tae Kwon Do quickly and managed to obtain my black belt by the age of 15 and was rated as one of the best fighters in Europe. It was shortly after getting my black belt that I discovered an interest in dancing & performing, attending regular classes at the Kercher School of dance. The discipline achieved from Tae Kwon Do I was focused in classes and managed to gain a place at Brian Roger’s performing arts college which is one of the top performing arts colleges in Europe. I trained relentlessly for 3 years on the dance theatre course whilst picking up extra classes during the day as well as attending regular classes at South Essex Gymnastics twice a week and classes in London on my weekends. This work ethic meant that I became one of the few in my year to get a job straight out of college...